Alexandra Leclere, M.A.
Energy Healer & Medium
 Bringing Energy, Power & Joy via Contact with the Spirit World


Alexandra Leclere has changed my life.

    --S.M., New York

Alexandra Leclere is a truly gifted healer. She was able to find and heal the part of me that was in the greatest pain, even though I could not describe it to her in words. Part of her gift is to perceive the client’s problem without being told and to guide them through their own healing in a gentle and compassionate manner.

I recommend Alexandra to all those who seek relief in this troubled and chaotic world.

    --P.M., New City, New York

...I’m thankful to Alexandra. She held my hand and walked me through the storm leading me toward the light that connects us all with the Universe. One can’t help feel after being touched by Alexandra Leclere that you have been touched by an angel.

    --E.C., New York

Alexandra Leclere was instrumental in helping e resolve a difficult relationship problem. She was a very calming influence. I found Alexandra to be very caring, insightful and totally committed to her work.

    --M.S., New York

Everyday, every moment, I feel the joy and the comfort Alexandra has so helped me to see. Throughout all this which could be perceived as pain, I believe whole-heartedly that once I walked through the fire and fear, hope, joy, love and grace are always awaiting.

    --C.C., New York

Alexandra connected me with my father less than two weeks after his death. The session allowed me to hear things that he had not been able to say to me in this life as well as deal with unresolved issues. Although extremely emotional the experience was very positive and healing. Alexandra has an incredible gift.

    --Anonymous, New York City

The journey work Alexandra led me through was incredibly powerful and resonated very deeply. I feel totally transformed and empowered. Her guidance and readings were also spot on! I am very grateful for her gift as a pure channel, her healing presence and love.

    --K.J., California