Alexandra Leclere, M.A.
Energy Healer & Medium
 Bringing Energy, Power & Joy via Contact with the Spirit World

Alexandra has created CLEW--Clear Link Energy Work®--to achieve a healthy mind, body, emotions and spirit. CLEW helps others get in touch with their internal gifts.

The CLEW® Process

CLEW encompasses a multi-level process that helps individuals connect with their innate joy.

  1. Alexandra assesses each client’s individual needs--emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic.

  2. Once problems and issues have been identified, they are prioritized and dissolved.

  3. Alexandra combines physical energy work and one-on-one verbal interaction to help the client overcome his/her blocks.

  4. • Using journeywork, Alexandra guides clients through the maze of their anxieties and fears so they can work through them and let them go

  5. • This work can include past-life regression to eliminate some present day problems that have past-life roots.

CLEW is named for the golden thread that allowed Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth. Alexandra, using Clear Link Energy Work helps guide people through their labyrinth of pain and suffering to find a life of joy.



Clear Link Energy Work

  1. -Helps you to achieve a healthy mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Fall in Love Everyday

With CLEW you find your joy and learn to live in the beautiful world of  falling in love everyday.

About CLEW®